For NOW this is our top 3 Peruvian craft beers:

Craft beer falls perfect to celebrate all the encounters and moments of our lives. Rocking with friends, with family, with our partner and, why not say it, it is a good company in our moments of loneliness. It is inevitable not to resort to it to celebrate, enjoy and fix one of those days that are not as good as we hope.

Nothing better than celebrating the Independence of Peru enjoying this memorable day with a good Peruvian craft beer. That's why today we bring you the ranking of our 3 favorite craft beers for NOW. If you are a true nowlovers with a chelera soul, this will interest you..

Number one in our top 3, Cumbres beer . Created by Diego Aste, Jorge Jiménez and Miguel Torres. It is a brand that fuses traditional ingredients (yeasts, malts and hops) with fine touches of Andean grains. Today they offer us five beers: the Kölsch with quinoa; the Barley Wine with organic coffee; the Imperial Stout with cocoa; and the Export Scottish Ale and Inka Pale Ale with purple corn. Which one is your favorite? (it is accepted to say all as an answer)

Another of the must-haves is our Barbarian beer . They started making beer as a hobby in 2009 and when they realized they had more beer than they could drink they decided to sell it around 2011. Do you know what the first beer was called? It was a Barbarian Red Ale, one of our favorites. The Barbarian Red Ale left the name of Peru high at the Global Craft Beer Festival where it was awarded a bronze medal in Germany. How proud of us!

Last but not least, our Magdalena. It was founded in 2013 by Oscar Okuma and Luciano Mazzetti. They are the creators of beer, of design, of labels and even of the definition of 'drinkability'. One of his best sellers is 'La Muertecita', a double IPA beer that has a thick texture and abundant foam, with that there is no losing. With your Magdalena beer there is no long weekend.

We already told you what our top 3 Peruvian craft beers are, now tell us because this ranking does not end here.


Source: LOOPULO 



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    August 04, 2020

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