The local alternative music scene is reinventing itself with singer-songwriters and music in general that are growing progressively. Today we bring you 3 artists who go on stage squandering style and attitude and know what is best? They are Peruvians . Long live Peru!

Today we want to highlight the talent of 3 young people who are giving a lot to talk about and who deserve the attention of that public that perhaps has not had time to search, but knows how to recognize when they find quality talent .


Clara is a Peruvian singer-songwriter who seeks to transmit and connect through her art, inviting people to be respectful of the environment. Music worked for Clara as an escape and she seeks through her music to tell what words may not be able to. One of his first albums is "Come and now!" of 11 songs, it contains genres that range from pop rock, Andean music, celebration to the alternative. Despite having so many different genres on the same album, there is a playful line that unites them, emanating the essence of Clara, a free soul.


Nuria Saba is a great reference in Peruvian popular music for her singular vision to fuse folk with different Andean rhythms. She has been developing for several years a pop/folk project that is reflected in her album “Niña ojos purple”. This album has helped Nuria not to be afraid to say what she feels and today she composes songs for those who want to feel, share and heal. Among the most outstanding songs on the album we recommend: “Cuerpo”, “Cerquita a ti”, “Todo lo bien”.


Naia is a Peruvian singer who bets on the fusion of folk pop and Peruvian rhythms. His goal is to create melodies to be able to express himself through his music and take it to all of Peru. One of our favorite songs is “Helado de mango”. This song has reached thousands of people through her relaxed voice and her innate freshness that represents her. Today Nadia has six singles, including "Caramelito", a kind of fusion between folk, huayno and saya.


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