We love Netflix❤️️we have several popular series that we have already seen and love but they also have documentaries, mini series and other options to watch, here we recommend some!

Unorthodox - Based on a true story

The story is based on the book 'Unorthodox: The Scandalous reject of my hassidic roots', written by Deborah Feldman.

The four-episode miniseries shows us the life and escape of a girl from a Hasidic community.

100 Human answers and life questions

The new bet of the platform mixes science, documentary and entertainment, to answer various questions about human behavior.

Dark Tourist

A global phenomenon in which people eschew the ordinary and instead vacation in war zones, disaster sites, and other offbeat destinations.

LGTBI visibility on television

It deals with the history of LGBTI representation on television in the United States, from the 1950s to now; not only in the series, but also in series, news programs, talk shows, debates, etc.

Prank Encounters

For those who like humor more! The idea is to terrify them and then, when everything gets out of hand, tell them that they are on a hidden camera show. A classic.

And which one will you see first?

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