Summer is here and if you are one of the girls who ends up with the bedroom upside down every time you have to go out and you want this to stop happening, this post is for you.

Rules to not die trying

Wear basic clothes. Believe me, to dress well it is not necessary to overload with clothes. You can use one with a phrase that you like like this, which is super cool.


Use neutral colors: neutral colors are the easiest to combine, there is no loss.

  • Complement your outfit with accessories: this time I used a pastel pink cap and a super fun bag that gave my outfit more personality. When I went to see the store, I found thousands. Crazy!
  • Always show your attitude: dare and do not listen to criticism. Sometimes breaking the ''fashion rules'' is not bad.
  • Take care of your skin and hydrate your hair: apply facial and body sunscreen wherever you go. Now technology has made it possible to combine health with makeup, so if you're worried about that, I'm sure you can find a brand that achieves this goal.

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