Did you know that there are clothes that you can wear both in summer and in winter?

You are right! And it is the case of these 2 pieces of NOW (Top and Short) that I am using here, which I was able to use in the winter of Europe in the way that I show them in the photos, as I can also use them now in the summer of Sur only in sandals and perhaps a thinner kimono on top. I promise to take a summer photo with these pieces soon to see how it turns out!!

Well, let me tell you that I'm back at work, the holidays have come to an end, but the truth is that I'm super recharged! Earlier today I was in a photo production with my producer DOBLE NUDO , trying to control children (I think I'm not very good at that because my nephew always drops me), but it was still fun and a touch of tenderness…yeah. And then I went by Camote Soup to see how everything was.

And well, I'll tell you that I have to start with the winter collection...so I'm going to hallucinate little things out there! We'll talk later!


  • Eliana said:

    Quisiera saber si me pueden mandar información mas gracias a mi me encantan sus aofit de now

    January 26, 2017

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