With the speed at which trends in the world of fashion come and go, our wardrobe also needs timeless, good quality basics that help you put together the best outfits, precisely for those days when you don't know what to wear.

  1. ripped jean

Basic of basics, a ripped jean goes with everything and you can combine it in a thousand ways.

  1. Graphic Pole

The graphic polo is a garment that combines with almost everything in the wardrobe. Also, if you have a motivating phrase, better not? #GirlPower at 1000%

  1. Cardigan

Having a cardigan is essential. Especially now that the summer season is coming to an end and we are entering Fall/Winter.

4. Solid color crop top

Having a solid color top, like black or white, is essential. You can wear it casually or make your outfit look more dressed up depending on the clothes you wear.


Joggers have become part of the basic garments since the sports trend made its arrival in the world of fashion, in 2012. So you cannot miss this garment.

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