Throughout these years, immersed in music, I have learned many things: I learned that time is not synonymous with success but the vocation and conviction of always being the best version of oneself. I learned that falls are not synonymous with loss but rather with the beginning of a path of transformation. I understood that there are many who will shake your hand at certain times and other times and situations that will make you doubt even yourself. In this fascinating world of music, I understood that beyond making melodies for the ears, it is much more precious when it is for the hearts, and each song, phrase and feeling can connect with the most delicate fiber of each human being. In the world of art I learned to win and I learned to fall, I learned to see and value myself not only as an artist but as an imperfect human who makes art.

In this chaotic world, the desire to fly and give a helping hand to those who needed mine resurfaced in me, and that it is never too late to give a grain to those who need it most. Thanks to music I became an invincible being, where my dreams were bigger than my own head and eager to share and make them come true. Being an artist is incredible, but being a woman and getting up many times from the cons of the system, demonstrating my strength is much better.

In any case, love and respect begin with yourself, with your work, with others, whoever you are, whoever you want to be. Never be afraid to open your heart.

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