Do you want to start writing in a notebook but have no idea how to start? o Do you have a thousand notebooks started and you can't finish them? , some are so cute that it's a shame to write them, others are still waiting for their moment to be our partner. Always waiting for that moment of enlightenment to start filling it with all our things.

Well, today I want to give you 5 ideas so you can start making that notebook or notebook that is dying to be your partner useful.


Do you need new ideas for your next project? Well, always have your brainstorming notebook handy, where you will write down everything that can occur to you, any idea no matter how crazy it may be, believe me, the best project can come out of those!


If you are a blogger or would like to start writing posts or simply tell something you have created, this type of notebook will be IDEAL FOR YOU! TRY and you will tell me how your inspiration flows. Surely you notice an amazing way of writing!


Do you have in mind or are you thinking about where you would like to travel? Or maybe you plan to release a beautiful notebook of the place you are visiting, in which you can write down my thoughts, my reflections while waiting for the plane, a quick drawing of some beautiful landscape or the anecdotes with my companion. You're looking forward to it, right?


It's never too late to write a diary, in fact let go of everything, let off steam writing everything and then read to remember all the things we could have done! Something that will make you laugh for hours!!!


If you don't want to design your Moodboard on the wall, you do it in your notebook!!! Fill with colors, phrases, post its, packaging or labels that fascinated you and everything you want to visualize and remember for your life.


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  • Noemí said:

    Hola, me encanta tu post pero, podrías ser más específica? Esque, por ejemplo, en la primera opcion, la libreta de ideas, no se, que ideas? Sobre que? O pongo otro ejemplo, la última idea, no la he entendido muy bien. No se, es como que no acabas de especificar

    May 13, 2018

  • Sheila said:

    No me ha convencido ninguna de las opciones

    September 24, 2017

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