2016 is coming to an end and we begin to prepare new goals for the coming year and recharge our batteries to face the challenges and adventures that lie ahead. Today it no longer matters how good or how bad this year was for you, that is already part of the past and we can only look forward. A cool way to attract good vibes towards you is by wearing an outfit that makes you feel fantastic, and above all, that represents you. No matter what you wear, the essential thing is that you feel comfortable with it to dazzle, first of all you, and then everyone.

Today we leave you three options for the different scenarios in which you could get involved this December 31.

Maxi dress, the ideal garment:

If there is a garment that never fails and that gets you out of trouble, it is a maxi dress, since it avoids so many complications regarding the issue of combining. Now you only have to worry about the accessories that are very important when wearing this type of clothing.

Choose a color that makes your skin stand out, especially if you are going to a night event where the elements you choose should be more striking.

Do not be afraid of accessories, if your dress does not have many details as in the example that we show you, you must add that something extra to make it stand out.

Choose a bag that contrasts with the color of your dress, look for shades in the same range of colors but in different shades.

The romantic of the party:

If a tight dress does not go so much with you, you can also resort to A cuts that give you the comfort you are looking for and help you balance your figure. They have that romantic touch that awakens our most feminine side and that is perfect for an event both day and night.

The cool thing about this garment is that you have many options of shoes to combine them, from heels, through comfortable ballerinas and ending with boots that give the rough touch that break everything established.

There is nothing more romantic than lace on your clothes.

Balance your outfit with a printed bag, it will give you that fun touch you are looking for.

Ready for the beach, ready for everything:

For the new year there is no lack of girls who prefer to receive the year in front of the sea or simply skirts and they are not good friends. Whatever the case, we can not doubt that a good jean shorts at the waist can make us look fantastic.

If the shorts are of a dark color, it gives us the opportunity to wear a top, polo shirt or blouse with a striking pattern or with prominent colors.

There is no loss with these necklaces, trends are back and we are delighted!

A perfect item if your new year's festivities start early. Protect yourself from the sun and add a little mystery to your outfit.

And you, what outfit would you wear for this end of the year?


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    Me encantó el outfit #3❤️?

    December 29, 2016

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