Hello girls! In today's post I show you three looks that I have put together having NOW brand jackets as the main protagonist. I made a tour of the store to find the three models of most straw and seasonal jackets to suit their different styles, rhythms of life and occasions. But before showing you my combinations I will give you some tips that you should take into account when choosing jackets so that you do not regret it and use them a lot.

As you know I'm super cold. Despite the fact that Lima has surprised us lately with sunny days, we must bear in mind that we are still in winter and climate change has somewhat erased the timelines. For this reason, a warm jacket is the law (the very thin ones, in my opinion, become unusable).

So as TIP #1 it has to be thick. Always make sure that it has a lining and is made of a warm material, that is not made of fabrics like thread that let all the wind through and in the end you don't even wear them no matter how cute they are.

TIP #2 that it is a bit wide, that it does not squeeze you and that it gives you the possibility of being able to put a thin sweater inside in case you are very cold, if you buy an exact jacket it will cost you more work to wear it on cold days.

TIP#3 Think first of all about what your wardrobe is like, mainly focus on what colors you usually wear more on a daily basis, because you can find a beautiful fuchsia jacket but in the end all your clothes are brown or khaki and it will cost you more work to combine them. So you will use it once in five hundred.

LOOK 1: Urban leather

The classic, the functional, the cool, the one that goes with everything and is the basic for all girls: the black leather jacket. However, this model comes with a twist that makes it more urban and that is the sports fabric hood that it has. I love it if what I want is to achieve a look to go out in the city during the day. Combining it with ripped shorts and pantyhose, you turn a classic outfit into something more edgy.

Details always count, that's why some crazy nails with foils are the trend of the moment in terms of manicure, if you like them you can do them at BLUSH Hair & Make-Up , they are the first pelu that is experiencing some bra-va-zas mixtures in nails . So I date them porsiaca!

LOOK #2: Cherry Bomb

This look is for rocker and sweet girls at the same time. I was inspired by an eighties wave since the cut of the neck of this leather jacket is much more open and gives you a rebellious wave different from the previous one. The burgundy color is one of the most combinable when we are talking about winter clothes. So if you want to give your all black closet a change, here I leave you an idea not so dark ;)

The best way to give shape and silhouette to a hard garment, such as this type of jacket, is to combine the details very well. For example, here I have worn it with some leggings at the waist that accentuate it and make my legs look much longer. Second, I've layered a short, light-colored top on top to keep it looking like the legs start at the waist and therefore look longer. In addition, it gives a touch of luminosity to the look. This type of combination is ideal for going out at night with your partner or friends.

LOOK 3: Sporty Queen

Comfort is key to me and sporty style is one of my favorites but I always try to add a casual vibe to sportswear so I don't always look like I just walked out of the gym. That's why ever since I saw this type of thick, satiny bomber jackets , I've been fascinated by them because they're warm and super comfortable. And that's how bomber jackets should be and not just made of thin fabrics that serve for a photo and that's it. To achieve a sporty and urban look, combine these jackets with light-colored joggers and ankle boots. This way you will give a totally different wave to the look. This is a very comfortable outfit so if you have a busy day or go shopping it is my ideal choice.

I hope you liked these looks see you in a next post!

Andrea ♡


Hair and Makeup: BLUSH Hair & Make-Up

3 Looks: NOW

Photos: Sebastian Corzo


  • Leticia said:

    Me gusta mucho estos looks: muy informales y juveniles. El color de tu pelo les hace más llamativos todavía 😊. Quizá falta poner alguna gorra, quedaría bien https://capslist.es/gorras-mujer

    April 12, 2018

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