Although to ride a bike you do not need a special outfit, just get on and enjoy, but since fashion is in everything, here we leave you these suggestions of very chic looks to ride on wheels.

1. The skirt always looks good:

Surely many of you prefer not to wear a skirt to go for a bike ride due to the treacherous air. However, it is possible to use this garment almost every day using an elastic with a snap, about 30 cm above the knee. When she gets ready to pedal, she fastens the skirt and that's it. The skirt is secured. Securing the skirt on one leg is enough.

2. In the absence of a motorcycle, a bike and his leather jacket!

Rough fashion isn't just for girls who own motorcycles or scooters. If you always thought that a leather jacket looked great on a motorcycle, it's time to rethink!

A good leather jacket is the accessory for a girl who uses this means of transport to go around the city. Not only does it protect you from the wind when we get up to speed, but it goes perfectly with almost any garment you wear.

3. Stylish Dresses:

To go out riding with a dress, the first recommendation is that the dress is not too tight around the shoulders and arms, since when maneuvering it is very likely that the dress will tear. Experts suggest that the dress or skirt they wear is not too long, since they run the risk of getting entangled in the rear wheel. In case the skirts or dresses are a bit long, the technique is to lift it a little and carry it on the knees while pedaling.

4. Bags, Sachets, Baskets and Backpacks:

Here is another point of utmost importance for the girls. Most of us prefer baskets and saddlebags that, in addition to being very useful for transporting all kinds of things, make the bike look even better. In case your bike does not have a basket or saddlebags, another option is a messenger bag or a backpack that allows you to pedal and maneuver easily. There are a wide variety of makes and models on the market.


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