Hello Nowlovers, this time we bring you the right advice and tips for those who want to achieve a bad girl style. They just should not forget that 40% are the clothes and accessories they wear and the other 60% is the attitude with which they wear them.

Let's go with the tips!

If you have light skin, I highly recommend painting your hair black and leaving it loose. Add to your face some big round glasses. If you think that this design of glasses does not go with you, you can try some aviator style.

No matter the color of your skin, this is a good option to see yourself as a daring girl. Paint your hair a pastel color and combine it with dark or gray clothes, and of course, you can't miss fishnet stockings. The best example is given by this girl.

Boots of this style combined with knee stockings will make you look very "tough". Everyone will want to copy this style. Remember to add to your hands some bracelets.

A great tip is to wear necklaces attached to your neck. They are very cheap and you can exchange the designs yourself. You can use anything from a plastic 90's necklace, to a cross or any other accessory. When you use it, remember to paint your eyes with black shadows.

The sweatshirts combined with a hat (or also called "hoodies") will give you a sexy and sporty touch that is very characteristic of this style.

Wear your maxi dresses with sneakers and accessories that contrast with the color of the dress. Don't be afraid to wear a backwards cap!

An XXL men's t-shirt will make you look really bad. For footwear, preferably wear large tennis shoes or thick boots. Remember that you should wear this with denim shorts to prevent it from becoming uncomfortable and you end up showing too much.

If your style is not to dress all in black, some leggings, hat, glasses and boots are what you are looking for. The accessories in the hands will add points to your look.

If you want a simpler yet bold look, get a shirt with a full back neckline. To complete this look wear a cap with loose hair so that your back is not completely exposed.

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