🌍 We have to be more aware of the planet we live on, it is undergoing many environmental changes and we are the only ones who can help by being more aware , we can start with little things from home!

1. Let's take care of the water
The best way to save water is to shower as quickly as possible and turn off the faucet when doing the dishes. We must be careful with its use.

2. Use your bike as a means of transportation!

What better way to mobilize yourself doing sports and taking care of the environment.

    3. Reusable bags

      Plastic bags from supermarkets take between 400 and 500 years to degrade. We have to get used to carrying our bags whenever we go to buy something or opt for reusable bags.

      4. Have appropriate containers for each type of waste

      - Waste handling and separation:

      • Blue container – Paper and cardboard

      • Green Igloo – Glass

      • Yellow container – Light plastic and metal containers and tetra bricks

      • Brown container – Organic matter

      • Green or gray container – Generic

        5. The most important do not forget the rule of the 3 R's: recycle, reuse and reduce .

          Tell us how you help to contribute to the environment?


          • Angie said:

            Intento cuidar el medio ambiente botando los desechos en el tacho correspondiente y separando la basura en casa . También enseño a los niños a que no tiren la basura en las calles o en el mar.

            August 17, 2019

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