HELLO. You know what I love about this place? Well, every 2 blocks you find crazy locations like this one. Too bad I'm leaving tomorrow...Yes, what a shame (I'll be back).

And well, do you remember that I told you that I would tell you an anecdote? (Oh god it's super dumb, but here it goes)… I was walking down the street yesterday and in that a boy approaches me and says "Hey, how are you, i just think you are cute and i'm rich btw" ( "Hey how are you, I think you're pretty and I'm rich")...Eh yes, that's what I understood with "I'm Rich"...The thing is that inside me I just said "And I cheeeech you have oe silver, start ontsss” (Yes, that's what my piranha mind thought). What's more, for a moment I thought they were doing one of those "Gold digger" jokes about the boy who is crazy and then appears with the car and the girl hits him right there... Until well, the boy kept insisting that it was "RICH" as he held out his hand for me to greet him back. That's when I just understood that that was his name, anyway I ran away... Eeen finally.

I leave you these photos that my super cool sister took of me yesterday afternoon with these NOW pieces. They tell me what's going on…How's what? I don't know, bye.

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