The holidays are almost over and with it your desire to think about what you will wear when classes return. By itself, there are two types of girls: Those who get neurotic and plan their outfits for each day of the week and those who simply do not want to worry too much about this topic. Whatever the case, there are ways to have great, comfortable clothing combinations without investing large sums of money because most of the time you have everything in your closet, it's just a matter of getting creative. Here are the proposals!

A dress, my salvation:

The garment with which you can never go wrong is a dress. This can be long or short depending on the occasion. If you woke up late and only have 5 minutes to get ready, this garment will always be your ally.

Remember that tights go great with short dresses if it's winter.

Overalls come to Me :

Another of the garments that you must have as an elementary basic are overalls without prints or patches. They fulfill almost the same function as a dress, but it allows you to generate a greater contrast because it gives you the opportunity to wear a top or polo shirt under it.

An accessory changes everything:

We are safe in stating that the items you have the most in your closet are basic polo shirts and jeans. You will think that they are very simple and that they will not generate much impact, however, with the right accessories (without being overloaded) you can make your outfit stand out and feel comfortable at the same time without giving it much thought.

Printed polo shirts are never enough:

We continue with our tour of the garments that get us out of trouble and we could not fail to mention the printed polo shirts. Because they contain a certain design, printed polo shirts save you the task of thinking about how to combine them because to achieve the look you only have to add a jean, skirt or shorts.

Long sweaters, perfect for everything:

Another garment that will make you look great in your day-to-day classes are long sweaters. These garments may or may not be patterned and will still look great with jeans, shorts, or skirts. There are days when we don't feel like wearing tight clothes, that's when your sweater comes to save the day by making you look cool.

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