The coronavirus arrived in Peru 😱 despite being a pandemic, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP CALM and be prepared, here we will give you more information about this virus.

Myths about the coronavirus

1. You need a surgical mask

MYTH people who are healthy do not need to wear masks, only infected people should wear them so as not to spread the virus.

2. The virus can be transmitted by shipments from other countries

MYTH the virus it does not stay alive for long on objects and surfaces. Receiving a package from China will not put you at risk of contracting the virus.

3. The coronavirus is going to kill us all

MYTH despite being a pandemic, its mortality rate is 2%, people over 60 years of age are the most affected.

What should we not do?

1. Alarmed we must remain calm and not panic.

2. Buy in excess do not think selfishly, there are people who really need these products.

3. Being uninformed Staying informed is the best tool to prevent coronavirus.

What we really need to do is...

1. Wash your hands whenever you feel like you need to.

2. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze.

3. Keep distance with people who have colds.

4. Avoid greeting people with a kiss or handshake.

5. Avoid massive places such as: Cinemas, concerts, etc.


Please, if you have symptoms or think you have this virus, contact 113 , specialists on the subject will assist you.

The most important thing to stop this virus is ourselves, stay calm, stay clean, stay home as much as you can.

And share this info with everyone you can!❤️️

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