Quartz stones are one of the most powerful amulets that all Nowlovers should carry! Quartz have esoteric properties and bring many benefits to those who own it. Each stone color has different meanings. We show you which is the perfect quartz for you, according to your sign!

What is a quartz used for?

Each quartz has different uses, properties and can help us by attracting good energy to our environment.

Stones do not have the same effects on all people. The most important thing is to use your intuition and feel them when you touch them, a stone acts depending on the energies of each person who uses it.




    One of the weak points of Aries is to act recklessly and impulsively, so a calming crystal is convenient for him, to help him make decisions in a calm way.

    Agate is a quartz that brings tranquility and awakens our insight. It is an ideal stone to control our lives and clear the mind. Relieves any feeling of anxiety.


    One of the main flaws attributed to Taurus is stubbornness and resistance to change.

    Rose quartz is perfect for Taurus, it helps to overcome anxiety, relieves states of confusion and sadness for no apparent reason. It is a very energetic stone that helps us to always live positively.


    This is a sign that you usually suffer from impatience when having to pay attention to someone or something specific. His amulet stone is Agate, a mineral that stimulates concentration, enhances inner tranquility and awakens the ability to analyze.


    Cancer is often blamed for mood swings and a tendency to be reserved. The recommended crystal in this case is Rose Quartz or pearl , a mineral that favors peace and calm in relationships, increases self-esteem and sensitivity, restores harmony after a conflict and balances emotions.


    This is a cheerful and vital sign, and at the same time, Leos have a tendency to be haughty and proud. For this sign we recommend Topaz , a mineral that inspires patience, diplomacy and tact with those around us. It is also a great source of energy. Very good to stimulate the power of invention and creativity.


    One of the aspects to improve about Virgos is their tendency to obsess about their health. We recommend Jasper , as it is calming and awakens feelings of well-being in us. It is also given the power to absorb negative energies. It provides the exact balance between the physical and the spiritual.


    Libras are excessively critical people. They can become obsessed with their flaws. Aquamarine quartz will help you overcome intolerance, relax your mind and balance you emotionally, promoting well-being.


    Scorpios are usually very possessive and have a very strong character. Scorpio's lucky stones are Coral and Jasper.
    Coral , used since ancient times, has many properties, serving above all to defend against enemies and bad influences.


    Sagittarians tend to overreact, giving their all to get what they want. The two gems of this water sign are Aquamarine and Amethyst . It reassures the exaltation of the Sagittarius and helps them in their new projects. It is considered a very beneficial stone, which favors spiritual development.


    One of the main problems of Capricorn is their tendency to get depressed, and feel melancholic. Amethyst is a crystal of a very high vibration and therefore it is very useful as protection. In addition, it helps us to get in touch with the purest and highest energies. It is one of the most powerful crystals in nature.


    Aquarians are rebellious, independent, and cool. We recommend Aventurine , which eliminates anxiety and fear, helps calm down, conveys empathy and compassion, and makes emotions more balanced. Another lucky stone for Aquarius is Lapis Lazuli . Gives happiness and optimism.


    Mood swings are an element to improve in the case of this sign. These changes are due to the great sensitivity to what is happening in their environment. In this case, we recommend a rose quartz , which fights depression, balances emotions and stimulates positive thinking.



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