The future of the planet is in our hands, it is the place where we live, so why not take care of it? Here we give you 8 tips that will help make our planet a better place.

  1. Change the normal bulbs for saving bulbs in all the spaces of the home to save energy. Turn off the lights, unplug the cables and electrical appliances when you are not using them. Make the most of sunlight. This will lead to avoiding unnecessary and excessive consumption of electrical energy. You can even do something super creative with the bulbs that you will no longer use and decorate your room.
  2. Do not pollute the city or green areas. Throw the wrappers and waste in the garbage containers. If you are on the street or on public transport, keep the garbage in your pocket until you find a garbage can nearby.
  3. Recycle, reduce and reuse. You can use containers already used to store objects or use the paper on both sides.
  4. Separate waste into recyclable bins (paper, plastic, cardboard) and non-recyclable bins (fruit peels, vegetables).
  5. Try to buy food and drinks that come in recyclable and environmentally responsible containers .
  6. Don't waste the water . Close the pipe when you are not using it and do not waste water when you are in the shower. Use what is necessary.
  7. Use other alternatives instead of going by car . Save gas and reduce pollution levels by taking public transportation, walking or biking to your classes or work.
  8. Turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use . Keeping the devices on stand-by –with the pilot light on– means spending between 5 and 10% of the total energy consumed, avoid this expense by disconnecting them when you are not using them.

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