Did you go blank? We know that we have several artists in our community, we help you to get ideas flowing again, that is why we bring you 5 tips on how to overcome a creative block.

1. Get to the reason for the block

The first advice we give you is to get to the reason for your block, you can use the technique of asking yourself 5 times why:

  • Why am I unmotivated?
  • Why don't I have ideas?
  • Why don't I like what I do?
  • Why can't I get the strategy?
  • Why can't anything motivate me?

2. Write down absolutely everything

Write down absolutely everything that inspires you: thoughts, phrases from movies, songs, articles, this notepad will help you get inspired when you have no ideas.

3. Look for inspiration in the things around you

In times of quarantine the best thing would be to look out the window. Giving yourself a break and connecting with nature will help you relax.

4. Write down all the ideas that come to mind

Write all the ideas that come to mind, the more ideas you write the better. This exercise will unravel your mind, making the creative block disappear completely.

You can do this exercise
– Pick an object and draw it
– Now paint it in many ways
– Make several sketches of these

5. Distract your mind by opening a book

Get a book of your choice and open it to a random page and take note of the first sentence you manage to read.

By implementing this exercise, you will be forcing your mind to make connections with ideas that you do not have predefined, the ideal is that you do it until you manage to connect an idea.

Do you have another exercise for creative blocks?


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