Hello girls! I hope you are very well. As the weekend/beach days are approaching, I bring you a fresh option so that you are comfortable and enjoy the sun. The tight tops on the beach are definitely not our best friends, because they are uncomfortable if you will be surrounded by sand. So today I bring you a look inspired by the 2000's and the last video I recorded with Now! so that they are encouraged by the trend of tie dye (tie and dye) that was the total fashion of that decade full of color! I love these polka dots from Now because they are super cool and remind me of the ones I wore as a kid. As you can see, together with the classic denim shorts that are the summer basic, it combines perfectly. And I couldn't leave my favorite accessories aside: sunglasses with colored moons and my Furby backpack that you may have seen long ago. I tell you in advance that the super two-mile light blue eyeliner is a makeup trend that will come with force this year and I love it because pastel eye makeup is one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy it!

Photographer: Nicole Chavez

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