If you want to wear the dark kawaii style, keep reading this post.

Style is more than just clothes: it's attitude. The looks are not complete if you do not have the personality you want to show in it. I have stages in which I follow a grunge wave and others more sporty and others more internet. And one of the styles that has always inspired me has been kawaii, but not so governed by harajuku and great Japanese fashion. I have not yet tried to reach such an extreme, but rather through tumblr and the wonderful internet. So today I wanted to bring you a dark kawaii look using NOW and also tell you what clothes you need to wear this dark style in a cute way. Because all combinations are possible if you are willing to wear them.

The style known as dark kawaii is a combination of cute clothes in dark tones. It is ideal for girls who border on grunge style but also love pastel colors. For this look I used a black ripped overall with a light colored striped top, both from NOW . The more adorable, colorful and fanciful the accessories are, the more kawaii you will look. Be wild and reload it as much as you can until you feel it's enough. Makeup for me is super important and it doesn't have to be subtle. Ideally, it should be matte, bye highlights and contour . Remember to have a lot of powder, focus on the eyes and a striking look. You can go for the classic dark and black shadows or try a bit with strong colors like red, light blue and pink. The eyeliner has to be marked and black, the cateyes are the best, try using a gel eyeliner and a brush, it will be perfect, the line will be precise, it will not run and it will last much longer. Play with the lips you can use them in pastel colors like bubblegum pink or go to the extreme like me. This time I opted for a MAC lipstick, it's the Matte Royal shade which is a dark blue and I felt it went with my mood.

And last but not least I want to leave you with a list of clothes and accessories that you can consider having in your closet to achieve the dark kawaii style. Black, short, high-waisted and skater skirts are a good option, they make your legs look longer and now that the winter season is about to start, they go great with ripped tights. Dark t-shirts with cute motifs, whether cartoons, unicorns or cute phrases, are other garments that give you this style. Black polo shirts printed with Japanese motifs and phrases in English and Japanese also go. If they opt for tops, the colors they must choose must be white or black, other tones will take away the dark. Suspenders are a good option, you can wear it in skirts or in this case in a dark overall. Black knee socks or kitten socks are also garments of this style that are super wearable, cute and now on cloudy days they will become your smug. Crosses, hearts and kittens are dark kawaii. And regarding footwear, which is something that you should not neglect, the ideal are creepers that are very comfortable and platform shoes (the higher the better) remember that you should look cute without having to look like a cupcake. I made a couple of pigtails because I think it was a hairstyle that gives volume to short hair and makes me feel like a girl again .

And I leave you with a quote that I found and I think goes perfectly with this post: You were born an original, don't die a copy! I thank Kevin MUA for doing my makeup this time. Here I leave your fanpage https://www.facebook.com/kevmakeupartist .


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